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Scavenger Hunt Guide!

Hey Team!,

Here is the guide to the Moon Scavenger Hunt!

1. Gushing Geyser – ModosaurMoon

2. Hillside Canopy – ModosaurOrdo

3. Ultrasaurus Tiki Lounge in Hillside Canopy – Purple

4. Prairie Pool – ModosaurSun

5. Rumble Rocks Cave in Prairie Pool – Trilobites

6. Sub-Alpine Forest – Porcupine

7. Dino Dunes – Rock

8. Forest Floor – Asiatic Lion

9. Supersaurus Den in Forest Floor – Horns

10. Giant Umbrella in Understory Layer – Moon

Can’t finish due to Understory Layer glitch (No Picture)



Blogosaurs Meeting – Friday

Hey gang, you may be aware that we have weekly Blogosaur Meetings on Fridays to discuss Blog related issues and to talk to dinos about how to become a Blogosaur. Well, we are going to continue to do this and have Blogosaur Meetings every Friday. This week we will be having both normal Blogosaur meetings. This week we’ll only have a single Blogo meeting due to Moon’s Party, but it’ll be a good one!

Where: Tree Fort

When: Friday, April 29th– 12:00 WST

Server: Prehistoric


Weekend Events!

Hey Team! This Friday, we will be celebrating ModosaurMoon’s Birthday with an awesome party! We will also be having a Special Moon Egg Hunt! It will be taking place at the Giant Umbrella in the Understory Layer.

  • What: Moon’s Birthday Egg Hunt
  • Where: Giant Umbrella – Understory Layer
  • When: Friday, April 29th – 16:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic

This Sunday, we will be having a BRAND NEW event called Emoticon Quick Draw. Three Emoticons will be showed by Mods and the first Dino to name all three of them wins 3 of the items from the latest event (not including the Moon birthday egg hunt).

  • What: Emoticon Quick Draw
  • Where: Webo Ridge
  • When: Sunday, May 1st – 12:00 WST
  • Server: Jurassic

Hope to see you guys there!


Game Of The Week- Sanoran Sands Dino Dig

Hey gang, it’s Game of the Week time! Last week we got our information upload on with a Quizbo GOTW, this week we’re going to get our Paleontology on. I know that most Dinos are very interested in Paleontology and Archeology here on Webosaurs Island and no better way to exercise your love for finding fossils than by heading over to Dino Dig and excavating some fossils of your own! You may remember a couple of weeks ago I leaked onto the blog that a new character was coming to Webosaurs. If you remember him you’ll remember that his name is Parks and he’s a Paleontologist… I’m not sure what he’s going to be doing on the Island, but it can’t hurt to brush up on your digging skills! Who is PARKS?

Also, remember that for this week only Dino Dig in Sanoran Sands will be handing out double the amount of coins that it usually does. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Paleontology expert AND bankroll on your Webosaurs Bank Account! See you on the Island!


Protectosaurs Meeting on Tuesday

Here is another one of the Protectosaurs Meeting! I’m guessing this will be important since the location is in a secret lab! Of course I’ll be using Rikodou to get information in this meeting since MarshMell0 might get kicked Haha!

This Week’s Topic: Top Pros

Where: Dr. Nanosaurus Secret Lab

When: Tuesday, April 25th – 12:00 WST and 16:00 WST

Server: Prehistoric

New Pros: Caitlino


Bunnysaurus’ Egg Hunt Guide!

1. Gushing Geyser – Easter

2. Croc Peninsula – Passover

3. Tonto Plateau – Lystrosaurus

4. Soggy Bottom Swamp –  Early Triassic

5. Art Shack in Soggy Bottom Swamp –  Beak

6. Dino Dunes – Two

7. Secret Temple in Dino Dunes – Earth Day Tree

8. Prairie Pool – Stokeosaurus Town Store

9. Camposaurus Canvas Tent in Sub-Alpine Forest – Buckland’s Peak

10. Buckland’s Peak – Yes

The prize is a Leggy Egg! (Forgot to take the picture SORRY!)



Well, I don’t know if I’m gonna be running Webosaurs Team alone or with someone else. VGM hasn’t been on for a while. If you see him tell him to message me on Twitter k? 😛 I’ve created the account called “MarshMell0” on webosaurs (add him) and on twitter (follow) to have a fresh start on what’s going on at Webosaurs and anything else related. You will be seeing more of MarshMell0 than Rikodou now days, so Hi! 😀

Anyways, I need you guys’ help on what I should add to Webosaurs Team to make it a great returning blog or an even better blog than before. If you have any suggestions, all you need to do is comment 🙂 Which is below